“Great things are done when men and mountains meet,”

said William Blake an English poet and painter

Matheran, meaning ‘forest’ (ran) on the ‘forehead’ (mathe)- is one of the smallest and most
visited hill stations nestled in the Northern Western Ghats of Maharashtra and is a bio diversity
hot-spot with some of the most beautiful and rare flora and fauna. Supreme Court declared it as an Eco sensitive zone in 2003.

While hordes of tourists visit Matheran for a serene weekend getaway, it also attracts several birders, herpetologists, botanists and photographers who are left delighted on every single visit. The place is home to the Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, White Rumped Shama, Brown Wood Owl, South Indian Tree Shrew and the Giant Squirrel-an endangered endemic mammal species apart from other species.

However the picture is turning gloomy. Today this quintessential hill station faces burgeoning pressure from several quarters threatening to curse Matheran forever so be it rampant deforestation, large scale and unplanned tourism and development, red tapeism or simply lack of awareness amongst locals.

Before all is lost, its time to stir up some Action with a Plan.

So get up, climb up and Lets Save Matheran.

The writing on the wall is clear…Matheran’s Future is tense.


Indeed while Mountains from time immemorial have been a symbol of the ultimate challenge for the mankind, today the challenge in front of humans is to save the mountain itself.


Brainchild of Ecofolks- Man and Mountain Meet is a two day event to be held at Matheran with a purpose to highlight its importance, create awareness amongst not only tourists but also amongst the locals and also take up several key issues in front of the State Government concerning Matheran.


The event is being held with support of Matheran Eco Sensitive Zone Monitoring Committee, Matheran Municipal Council.

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